More than 32,000 trading products

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    Over 32,000 stocks covering the 8 major markets of the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China  More

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    Carefully selected overseas funds of world-renowned brands, including JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, Schroder, etc.

  • REITs

    Purchase real estate trust funds (REITs), investments include real estate in dozens of countries and regions around the world  More

  • ETFs

    Covers more than 2,500 ETFs in stocks, stock indexes, commodities and industries

  • MMF

    Phillip Money Market Fund, Let idle funds also generate income, and take it as you like, not afraid of missing trading opportunities  More

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Three-dimensional financial service system

As a one-stop overseas asset allocation platform, LongBridge is dedicated to providing users with a complete service system in addition to rich transaction targets and massive financial information
from handling overseas bank cards, detailed deposits and transfers Guidelines, professional investment education, and then a stable trading system

Housekeeping service

Account manager full-process service and 24H Chinese customer service

Strong technical background

The technical team has a deep Alibaba technical background

Sincere trading services

Free quotes, preferential rates and professional investment

Housekeeping service
Strong technical background
Sincere trading services
Overseas account

Assist in handling overseas bank cards for 6 banks

Deposit to deposit

Guidelines for deposit and transfer of at least 6 banks and 10 brokers

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