Maximise investment opportunities as excess funds are not left idling at any time
Solid Income
Enjoy an annualized yield of 2.01% (USD), which is higher than ordinary deposits.
Note: Historical yields cannot represent future yields.
Maximise investment opportunities with surplus cash
Automatically invest your excess fund into Money Market Funds, maximise investment opportunities.
High degree of liquidity
The funds in the facility can be used directly during transactions and withdrawals without waiting.
No sales charges or administration fees
Surplus Cash Facility is a free service without extra sales charges or administration fees.


7th of the year yield
Ten thousand earnings in seven days (yuan)
History of 7th of the year yield (yuan)


1. Is Phillip Excess Funds Facility risky?

Phillip Excess Funds Facilitypurchases money market funds,which are generally used to invest in securities such as bank deposits and government bonds. The fund company does not guarantee a certain profit,nor does it guarantee a minimum return.

2. What is 7 days' annualized rate of return?

7 days' annualized rate of return is a one-year rate of return converted by the money fund based on the average level of returns in the last seven days,similar to the annual rate of bank deposits for investors' reference. Assume that the current 7-day annualized interest rate is 2.02%,if you hold it for one year,the annualized return is about 2.02%.

3. What is daily net yield of 10,000 units?

Daily net yield of 10,000 units refers to the daily operating income of the currency fund is spread out to each share,and then the daily income is measured by 10,000 shares. Assuming that the current daily net yield of 10,000 units is 0.66,if you buy a money market fund of 10,000 yuan,your daily income is 0.66 yuan.

4. Is there a limit to the amount of money that Phillip Excess Funds Facility can transfer in and out?

After you open the Phillip Excess Funds Facility,when the daily single currency balance is not less than 100 units,it will be automatically transferred to the facility; currently there is no maximum amount limit.
When the daily currency balance of your money market fund is less than 50 units,the balance will be automatically transferred out.

5. Can funds in Phillip Excess Funds Facility be transferred at any time?

Yes,when you buy stocks and withdraw cash,you can directly deduct from the facility when the balance is insufficient,without waiting.

6. Does Phillip Excess Funds Facility have a purchase fee?

No,Phillip Excess Funds Facility is a free service and does not charge sales or management fees.


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